With the rise of the smartphone more and more people are turning to music to get them through their day. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, commuter, mum on the school run or simply someone going about your day; there is a good chance that you will want to lose yourself in a good tune or two. However, not everyone around you will appreciate your choice of tunes and that is why headphones are the ultimate accessory for the music lover. Here at QMR Shop we have a wide variety of different headphones in stock for you to choose from. We only sell high quality items that will not only allow you to listen to those songs but also hear them in the very best way! So what great headphones do we stock?


Marley Headphones


If you are a fan of reggae, then there really is no better way to listen than with the House of Marley range of Rasta headphones. These particular on ear headphones are not only incredibly stylish but they are also designed to offer incredibly sound and a deep, satisfying bass. They are technologically designed too, wirelessly compatible with a range of smartphones. With these headphones comfort is important too, so these are made with a padded headband and from lightweight materials so that you can listen as long as you like.


Samsung Headphones


Samsung are recognised for creating some of the very best in technology across the industry. Phones, TV’s and headphones too are all created with the trusted Samsung name. Samsung headphones come in a wide variety of types; from the completely wireless Samsung Gear to the Samsung On ear headphones, excellent and clear sound is the order of the day if you pick this great name.


Skullcandy Headphones


A huge name in the world of headphones, Skullcandy is popular with style savvy folks as well as with those who want quality sound from their headphones too. The entire range of Skullcandy headphones are designed to deliver the very best in audio technology; natural and clear vocals, powerful bass and sound that is optimised to improve your listening experience. Whether you opt for the Up Rocks or perhaps the Low Riders; the Skullcandy brand will have the right headphones for your needs. If these great headphones have inspired, you to make your next purchase then make sure you pay QMR Shop a visit. Not just selling these three fantastic brands, we are also stockists of a range of fantastic headphones that will deliver you amazing sound. When you buy with us you can be sure of 3 things; high quality, excellent service and of course a really great price.