Mobile phone batteries at Mobile phones have turned into an indispensable piece of technology in our ordinary day to day life, required for both individual and expert use. Present day phones have an assortment of capabilities making them multi-purpose gadgets as opposed to customary phones. Other than utilising our phones for their fundamental purpose of calling and texting, they are additionally used for gaming, watching movies, browsing the net, and taking photos - and that's only the tip of the iceberg. These frequent daily usages make it vital to have a battery that can be relied upon. QMR shop understands how valuable your time is to you and how stopping to charge your mobile phones can be an inconvenience. Therefore, if your smartphone battery builds up a deficiency, for example, not holding a charge or not completely charging, then it is best to replace it. gives you the best batteries you need for your Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, LG, HTC mobile phones and more, which are designed to give you more time to talk, surf the web and text. The core features of our batteries include; Extended life batteries- fast charging and long lasting Wireless charging system batteries Mobile phones run on various types of batteries depending on the manufactures, phone shape/size, and features. There are four types of phone batteries; Lithium polymer battery; this battery is extremely light, very strong and resistant. It is safe given it has no risk of fire or explosion even if punctured. Lithium Ion battery; it is a lightweight battery which because of its high energy density can operate at a higher voltage than other types of rechargeable phone batteries. Nickel medal hybrid battery; its main advantage is the fact that it is possible to recharge the battery at great speed. offer mobile phone batteries and chargers covering almost every brand and model (new or old). And also provide whole sale and retail services. Why choose us? is all about quality. Every one of our batteries is checked, tried, tested and discussed in-house before being put out for sale. We practice point on sale battery testing which gives our customers clear assessment of batteries performance. We don't offer items we would not otherwise use ourselves. Besides quality, offers quality mobile phones at very competitive rates. Shipping and delivering; all items are sent at a delivery charge and packaging of 6pounds. Delivery is via DHL 48hrs service, and your items are dispatched same day there are ordered. Privacy and Security; we collect personal information from clients through their emails sent to us. We process this information to ensure your purchases and bills are dealt with appropriately. Returns and Replacements; any item sold by QMR within a 30days period that develops a fault can be exchanged for like replacement, given we are notified within this time. The battery is the lifeblood of the mobile phone. When the battery begins to lose charge quickly, goes missing, or breaks completely, a replacement is needed. Whether you need a wireless charging or an extended life mobile battery, has one to fit your needs.