With mobile phones being one of the most widely used and sought after technological devices in the world today; loads of mobile accessories and products have emerged on the market that are sold for a cheaper price and are cheap ‘knock-off’ versions of the real thing. Thousands of pop-up mobile phone vendors and shops have also spread through most cities around the world and it is very easy to get your hands on a fake mobile phone battery or charger. It may be tempting to select a fake charger or battery due to it being sold at a lower price; but there are real dangers and issues that you may face if you make use of fake knock-off versions. Buying genuine branded batteries and chargers is always a good idea. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why:

You’ll Save Money in the Long-Run

Most people think that they will be saving money if they can buy a cheap fake version of a charger or battery instead of the real thing, which will cost more. This may be true at first, but fake versions are notoriously badly made and do not have a long lifespan. They are cheap knock-off versions for a reason; and that is because they do not work or last very long. You will find yourself constantly running to the wall socket in order to charge your phone and you will even sooner find yourself running back to purchase another battery.

Fake Chargers Will Damage Your Battery

It’s not only buying fake batteries that are hazardous; but buying fake chargers can be just as full of issues. When you make use of a fake charger that is not made by the same manufacturer; it is not meant to be used by your mobile phone. Using a fake charger can damage your battery, which will result in you having to buy a new charger as well as a new battery.

Insurance & Warranty

If your mobile phone becomes damaged from using a fake battery or charger, it is very unlikely that your insurance company or mobile phone manufacturer will be willing to assist with the damages. Using genuine chargers and batteries can be seen as a way of sticking to the terms and conditions and using the device as it was designed to be used. Sometimes we may forget that mobile phones are also devices with instructions.